Elevate the quality of your 1:1 meetings

Quiteoften helps busy leaders build an amazing culture of high-performance and growth using the science of motivation, achievement, and teamwork.

nurture culture
elements of the framework

Your coworker
Your team
The work

The trichotomy of high-quality one-on-one conversations

Quiteoften helps you build the habit of frequent one-on-one conversations in your team

  • Agendas templates built by experts

  • Research-backed leadership methods

  • Dynamic topics that build on previous meetings

  • Records of all 1:1s with each person

  • Agendas, notes, and action items, all in one place

Quiteoften app

✓ Frequent one on ones
✓ Better alignment
✓ Stronger teams
🙌 Better Business Results

It's not magic, it's science. Research shows that when managers and employees meet frequently, they are 3 times more likely to be engaged at work.

And yet, one-on-one meetings are broadly neglected in most companies...

We want to help leaders build an amazing culture of high-performance, development, and growth, helping their teams achieve their full potential.

The highest-leverage activity of a leader is to develop their people.
Quality 1:1 conversations are the foundation for that.

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Quiteoften uses research-backed models designed to...

Promote a growth mindset

Create psychological safety

Empower people to do their best work


Every meeting agenda covers the three areas of quality one-on-ones, but each meeting addresses different points in those areas:

Your coworker

  • Career development

  • Learning and growth

  • Feedback, and more...

Your team

  • Team culture, values, recognition

  • Communication, transparency

  • Collaboration, trust, and more...

The work

  • Objectives and priorities

  • Progress and achievements

  • KPIs, learnings, and more...

High-quality one-on-one conversations are the best tool to build a high-performance work culture

The highest-leverage activity of a leader is to develop their people.

Growing your people has become even more urgent since we moved to the new, remote-first work environment.

Training and coaching employees yield positive results in productivity, quality, and retention.

Take advantage of the compounding positive effects of frequent, high-quality one-on-one conversations

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Quiteoften is not a meeting notes app. It's a guide for better, more meaningful 1:1 conversations.

We did the heavy lifting of curating the best leadership and coaching advice.

Note-taking, to-dos, and agenda preparation are included for you at no extra charge 😉

Quiteoften - 1on1 software for Gmail

A series of meeting agendas that tell a story

Too often, one-on-one meetings become more of the same. Quiteoften creates a new agenda for each meeting, building on the topics you discuss

Quiteoften - 1on1 software for Gmail

The prompts you need, where you need them

Each agenda item comes with suggestions of prompts, pulled from proven coaching methods, to facilitate the conversation.

Quiteoften - 1on1 software for Gmail

You lead the meetings. We keep track of the discussions for you.

After each meeting, the app saves a record with the topics you covered. If you don't manage to discuss one important item, it comes back automatically for you in a future meeting.

Quiteoften - 1on1 software for Gmail

Start using Quiteoften right away, no commitments.

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Quiteoften is free for individual use with up to five one-on-one meeting plans

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  • Complete 1:1 meetings framework

  • Dynamic meeting agendas

  • Tracking of past meetings

  • Notes & tasks


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  • Unlimited meeting plans

  • Share meeting agendas

  • Customize meeting plans

  • Plus all features from the free plan


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Work Better Together

Work better together

We believe work can be an opportunity for people to grow, create strong relationships and rely on each other to achieve amazing results.

A strong culture of ongoing development and growth is fundamental for that.

Our goal is to use the best available knowledge from the science of achievement, motivation, and team performance, to guide leaders through the process of building an amazing culture of high-performance, development, and growth in their companies.

Culture is what you do

A company's culture is what people do on a daily basis when no one is there to tell them what to do.

Simply put, culture is behavior. To build a company culture, you must design and shape the behaviors you expect from people.

But changing behaviors is hard...

We draw from decades of breakthroughs in the areas of behavioral sciences, particularly Behavioral Economics, to create solutions that produce enduring and positive behavior change.


Hi, I'm Gabriel, CEO and founder of Quiteoften 🖖

For 10 years, I was Managing Director of one of the world's most innovative marketing research agencies.

I worked with some of the best known and loved brands in the world, helping them use behavioral sciences to grow their businesses.

I always loved ideas and finding ways of bringing them to life. I believe creativity and collaboration create a better world for all of us.

Quiteoften is an indie SaaS company where I apply my management and behavioral sciences background to make a positive impact in the workplace.


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